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Casting Tuition and Coaching.

Whether you want to start flycasting, hone your current skills, learn to double haul, presentation cast, Tongariro Roll cast or simply improve your current technique honing accuracy, distance, tracking etc I have the experience and ability to help improve or teach you. My philosophy is one of keeping things simple, getting the basics in place and developing from there. Too many instructors, I believe, over complicate the basics and make the easy difficult. I guarantee I can get anyone casting, or improve their casting, simply and easily by simply sharing good technique and form. I try to teach the "dynamics" not the "mechanics" of casting. What's the difference? If you learn the mechanics you cannot correct faults, by teaching you the dynamics you will be able to identify and correct your own faults as you progress and this is an essential to becoming a great caster.

I guarantee I can improve virtually any anglers casting.

I charge $75.00 (NZ) per casting session. This is an hourly rate, however we often exceed this time frame but the charge does not change. I travel the country reasonably often so am happy to conduct a session anywhere or, you can meet me near my home in Tauranga.